What Do You Want?

The Westminster Shorter Catechism famously asks: “What is the chief end of Man?”  To which all good Presbyterians of course reply: “To glorify God and enjoy Him forever.”

A good answer for a good question.  But what is the chief end of God?  What does God want from us?  What does God really want?

I thought about this today as I met with some of our ministry interns here at Northwest University.  We were discussing Mark Yaconelli’s book Contemplative Youth Ministry, and conversation turned to the unrealistic and unhealthy expectations ministers place upon themselves.  Evaluating success in earthly terms rather than divine ones, and the captivity that can bring.

We need to start at the basics, with this question.  Only then, I think does the rest of it start to fit together.

So, then….what does God want?  Does God want us to be good?  Nice?  Prophetic?  Conservative?  Liberal?  Rejecting of all labels?



2 comments on “What Do You Want?

  1. Troy says:

    I like it….

  2. Crow T Robot says:

    I want to decides who lives or dies…

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