Movie Sign!

As a science fiction/fantasy fan and newly minted observer of popular culture in my role as a professor of youth ministry, I’m eagerly looking forward to the upcoming spring and summer movie season.  Some films I’ll be interested to check out in the next six months:

1.  John Carter:  OF MARS!  Based on the books of Edgar Rice Burroughs, whose Barsoom series helped invent the epic genre that is the “space opera.”  I’m reading through the books right now (pretty much free to download from, and I’m looking forward to what will probably be a cheesy though fun experience.  (Opens March 9).

2.  The Hunger Games: Anyone who has read this blog knows my love for the trilogy.  The story of a dystopian world and a teenage girl that fights for her sister against any takers.  A MUST SEE.  But please, buy the book and read it first…it is good!  (Opens March 23).

Shut your mouth!

3.  The Avengers:  I’ll admit, I’m not the hugest fan of all these Marvel movies…but this should be a fun one.  Plus, it has Samuel L. Jackson.  Sure to be a real popcorn muncher.  (Opens May 4).

4.  Snow White and the Huntsman:  Yes, it stars Kristen Stewart.  Yes, she’ s a bit of a Twinkie.  But doesn’t it look cool?  (Opens June 1).

5.  Prometheus:  A prequel of sorts to Alien.  I’m eagerly looking forward to what Ridley Scott has for us here, and have high hopes that the film can be a real sci-fi classic.  (Opens June 8).

6.  The Dark Knight Rises:  If Christopher Nolan and company pull off a win with this film, his Batman will go down in history as one of–if not THE–best movies trilogies of all time.  Expectations are high, but Nolan has proven in the past that he can meet them.  (Opens July 20).

Well, there you have it.  I’m sure there will be some dramas and comedies that will draw me in as time progresses, bu this is where I am at right now.  Please note that The Amazing Spiderman (opens July 3) is not on this list. Why?  On principle.  I just don’t get why we need another Spiderman movie.  It might be good, but the whole idea is nonsense.

P.S.  Best movie of 2012 to be based on a board game?  I already know:  Battleship!


One comment on “Movie Sign!

  1. Andy Wong says:

    I get the sinking feeling that the Avengers will be too much of a good thing. How can you have any character development (or even plot development) with 7 or 8 “main” characters. Even movies like X-men had a few too many characters running around and it was hard to follow or care about any of them.

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