Texas, Here I Come

I’m off to Texas tomorrow to attend my first big pastor’s conference together with some professors and students from Northwest University.  It is called “C3 Conference 2012” and is summarized as follows: “The C3 Dallas/Fort Worth Conference in Grapevine, Texas, is an experience that combines inspirational messages, incredible worship and insightful teachings that will amp up your creativity and passion.”

It is ostensibly a chance to think about new and creative ways of “doing church,” and I’m looking forward to what it has to offer.  Some big names and up-and-comers in evangelical circles will be there (see below).

Based on the conference video, there is a lot of rah-rah associated with the conference (see the word: “amp”).  I suppose that’s fair, as far as it goes.  Everyone needs encouragement now and then.  I’m hoping, however, that along with the excitement there is some reflection on the place of the Church in this emerging 21st century.

And, despite the pictures posted above, an awareness and admission that white male pastors do not have a monopoly on how to “do church” in America.

Do conferences like this help our pastors?  Do they contribute to growth and depth in our churches?  I look forward to reflecting on these themes all week, even as I enter into the depths of the “evangelical industrial complex” to see what it might have to offer.


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