Born of Water

Yesterday (Saturday) our group visited four churches representing a cross-section of Texas Christianity: a Seventh-Day Adventist church, a Messianic Jewish congregation, a charismatic megachurch, and a younger growing church with a more emergent feel. Today (Sunday) brought more visits.

Of our Saturday experiences, I felt most inspired by something that happened during our last stop: The Village Church. I walked into the sanctuary a little late, but as I did I was able to witness some truly holy moments.


They were having a baptism service the likes of which I’ve never seen. Two by two they came to the baptismal tank. One person would introduce the baptismal candidate, who would then read their story of faith…powerful stuff. Both would then descend into the water, and the sponsor would baptize their counterpart. No ordained ministers involved-and none needed.

I saw wives baptizing husbands, friends baptizing friends, brother baptizing brother, and a father baptizing his daughter. It was honestly one of the more inspiring and moving things I have ever seen.

In a world where the gospel all too often gets politicized, co-opted, corporatized, and/or “managed,” this was simple truth, love, and grace. As these believers proclaimed their faith in word and act assisted by those closest to them, I saw the Church as body of Christ in all its fullness.


3 comments on “Born of Water

  1. Lindsay Woods Wong says:

    Lindsay says that at least 3 of those churches were campuses of mega-church conglomerates. (If Messianic Jewish was New Beginnings). In some ways a cross section, but in other ways not.

    • The Messianic church was independent, I think. But you’re right about the “cross-section” comment. The trip was for the purpose of seeing a lot of preaching, but as a church tour it missed out on a lot of what Christianity looks like in Texas.

  2. This is beautiful! I wish they had that kind of spirit around here!

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