For Trekkie Eyes Only

As you’ve probably noticed from reading this blog, I’m a big science fiction fan and have been for a long time.

I’d seen Star Wars as a kid and had some awareness that “Star Trek” was a thing, but didn’t really get into this world until junior high.  Our school library had a series of novelizations of Star Trek episodes authored by science fiction writer James Blish, and I took full advantage of this fact.

Meeting Kirk, Spock, McCoy and others through the printed page thrilled me to no end.  New vistas of storytelling and wonder at the “final frontier” now opened on the horizon.  While others delved deeply into the world of comics and graphic novels, I was reading Star Trek books like Prime Directive and Spock’s World and enjoying the many episodes offered by the franchise’s various incarnations.

I could go on a lengthy discussion of Star Trek‘s merits, but would rather point out a few exciting Trek facts of which fans should be aware:

  • A supposedly “lost” original and unfilmed Star Trek script as has been found!  You can read about the story here, or buy the script from Amazon.  I think the cast of the new movie should produce the episode…just for fun!
  • Star Trek novels continue to be published, telling new and exciting stories set in the Roddenberry universe.  Take a look at this list of upcoming releases.
  • If you’re hungry for more Star Trek on the small screen, take a look at the fan-made series called Star Trek: Phase II.  The acting and effects are a little rough, but…wait, this is Star Trek we’re talking about here!
  • The world of the comic books has a number of different related series, the most intriguing called “Star Trek” that reimagines classic episodes of the 1960s series in the new universe of the most recent Star Trek movie.  Exciting stuff!
  • Most interesting:  news of an official Star Trek/Doctor Who crossover!  What, you say?  That’s right: the man from Gallifrey will finally bump into the Enterprise!

One comment on “For Trekkie Eyes Only

  1. Will says:

    And we must not forget the classic X-men/Star Trek crossovers. How they did not become instant classics I’ll never know. Oh wait, they weren’t that good. That’s why. 🙂

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