Saturday Remainders

A few thought-provoking pieces from around the web:

1.  From Forbes via Kenda Creasy Dean, the sad report of an unfortunate trend where teen girls post videos of themselves on Youtube and ask the world to tell them if they are ugly, fat, etc.  In the words of the author, “Absolutely nothing good can come of this.”

2.  Mark Driscoll has gotten into trouble once again, this time over church discipline.  Is the article a legitimate critique of growing cult-like tendencies within Driscoll’s church, or a secular attack on an historic Christian prerogative?

3.  Your election piece of the week:  have the Republicans effectively destroyed their chances at winning the election this fall?
Feel free to share your thoughts!


2 comments on “Saturday Remainders

  1. Ann Jarvis says:

    Hi Joshua, I came across a picture that I loved. It’s of an open hand with words about letting go. I write a blog on mind/body healing and am wondering if I can get your permission to use your photo in a blog post. Please let me know if that’s okay with you! Thanks!

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