Nerds of the World, Unite!*

This weekend I’ll be indulging my inner nerd. My wife Rachel and I will be attending the “Emerald City Comic-Con,” Seattle’s premier gathering of comic, science fiction, fantasy and genre nerds. I’ve been to the East Coast version of the event, but Rachel has never experienced fandom at this level.

I’m excited.

In addition to the costumed attenders, interesting panel discussions, and merchandise floor, there are going to be some special guests there tomorrow, including:

  • Wil Wheaton: He’ll always be Wesley Crusher to me.
  • Jon Bernthal: Shane from “The Walking Dead”
  • Summer Glau: Sci-fi action star extraordinaire via “Firefly,” “Sarah Connor Chronicles,” and “Dollhouse”

    All her shows get cancelled, though.

  • Christopher Judge: Teal’c!
  • Edward James Olmos: Commander Adama lives on.
  • George Takei: OH MY!

An exciting lineup, to be sure.  As an added bonus, Rachel and I have decided to get into the spirit of things and dress as a set of well-known sci-fi characters.  A special Comic-Con prize to whoever correctly guesses who we’ll portraying!

*CONGRATULATIONS to award winner Amanda Zelazny, who correctly guessed that my wife and I would be going as the 11th Doctor and Amy Pond!


2 comments on “Nerds of the World, Unite!*

  1. mrdistracted says:

    Jason Momoa is going to be there too (Ronan Dex, SGA)

  2. jrsponsler says:

    My guess is Scully and Mulder. I could also see Han Solo and Leia.

    I hope you have a great time.

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