Tuesday Remainders

In honor of…Tuesday, some interesting links from the past week or so:

1. Bono’s Effervescent Wisdom:  The rockstar never ceases to amaze, even if the article’s author seems a little trite.

2.  NYC Saves Civilization:  Apparently, some very offensive words are appearing on standardized tests.  Words like “dinosaur,” “television,” and “religion.”  Fundamentalists, Luddites, and secular humanists must have been enraged by these words poisoning their children.  Unfortunately for them, NYC schools have decided NOT to eliminate them from their exams.  Finally.  Now students can enjoy reading about “rock n’ roll” on their Scantron tests!

3.  The Hunger Games is Deviant: Apparently, it has become a “most challenged book” by those who object to its themes.  As a friend of mine said on Facebook, don’t people realize that the book itself is a critique of our modern society rather than a blanket endorsement of violence and the like?

4.  Last but not least….my favorite picture of the week:


7 comments on “Tuesday Remainders

  1. But if god didn’t invent dinosaurs, then Fred Flintstone would have had to cut his grass with a sharp rock! By pure coincidence, I just did some pictures of Dick Cheney as Fred Flintstone… just so you know… wink wink,.,,

  2. Lindsay Woods Wong says:

    2 of my favorite U2 lyrics (only slightly on topic):
    It’s no secret that a liar won’t believe anyone else. – The Fly
    Believin’ in yourself almost as much as you doubt. – HMTMKMKM

  3. “Your love was a like a light bulb/Hanging over my bed…” Ultraviolet (Light My Way)

    “Am I buggin ya? I don’t mean to…bug ya.” Rattle and Hum (somewhere)

  4. Andy Wong says:

    As much as NLOTH has and Boots has ungrown on me, I do still like “You don’t know how beautiful you are.”

  5. Andy Wong says:

    Love the comic with cookie monster woefully looking into a monitor with the screen saying “Delete cookies?”

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