Enter the Silly Season

Welcome to the 2012 campaign.  As you’ve probably heard, a DNC advisor named Hilary Rosen has critiqued Ann Romney for “never [having] worked a day in her life.”  Mrs. Romney, rather bothered by this criticism, went on Twitter to affirm the importance of her decision to stay home and raise her family. Besides, raising five children can be a LOT of work, whether or not you ever get paid for it.  I don’t know all the details of the Romney’s childrearing efforts and how much childcare help they may have had, but opponents should be a little more careful before such bald attack.

In any case, I hope this isn’t the stuff we spend the next seven months arguing about.  While Rosen does have a point about the Romneys being out of step with most contemporary families (mine included), there are plenty of women who do stay home with their children and value that time.  There are also others who wish they had the opportunity to do so.

An interesting argument, but not something upon which we need to base a political campaign…on either side.  Because as MSNBC reminds us, pushback from those who want to defend Ann Romney and traditional motherhood will possibly boost the Romney campaign.

Never mind the actual issues.  Politics…the silly season, it seems, has begun.


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