Play Nice

There was a very interesting article on last week that discussed the burgeoning race between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama.  In their words:

The general election will pit one exceptionally self-contained, self-disciplined, self-motivated man against another with precisely the same traits.

Voters have a choice between two men whose minds gravitate to rationality and logic — both of whom have expressed disdain for the disorder and surliness that pervade modern governance.

There may be more than coincidence at work with this seeming paradox. During a time when politics is defined by media saturation and relentless attacks, there is a premium on politicians who live by an ethic of constant self-control.

Hopeful thoughts.  As I’ve noted before, we could have a real chance this year to have an election between grownups.  While this certainly isn’t assured (remember the stilted political script and increasing antics of the McCain campaign last time?), at least there’s the possibility.

The possibility, among other things, that this election could be issue and policy focused, and beautifully BORING.  While the flap over Ann Romney’s work history remains illustrative of alternate narratives that continue to threaten rejection of importance matters for more popularly engaging ones, the Professor (Obama) and Thurston Howell III (Romney) can rise above it.

They just have to resist every built-in urge in the American political system, the power of a 24/7 media, and the passions of a sometimes less than focused electorate.

Have fun, gentlemen.


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