Awards Deserved

Today I had the honor and privilege to present the Northwest University academic award for Youth Ministries to Kenny Priest.  The conditions of the award are that a student must have at least a 3.0 GPA for coursework within their major and be a graduating senior.

I have had the opportunity to both observe and get to know Kenny this year, and am glad to have done so.  As a volunteer youth intern and media ministry leader at Maltby Christian Assembly, Kenny has distinguished himself as not only a faithful servant but a hard worker as well.  He is a thoughtful and engaged student, and it has been a pleasure to have him in class. What is most inspiring is his ability to hold together all the things he has on his plate.  In addition to his academic load and church responsibilities, recently married Kenny works two other part-time jobs…and keeps a positive attitude!

He needs to work on his racing skills, though.

He and his wife Mary (also a Youth Ministries major) are both committed to the calling they have received and look forward to relocating to Alaska (Mary’s home state) following her graduation next year.  Their desire is to minister to students in our nation’s 49th state.

Having students like Kenny and Mary is encouraging to me, and should be to others as well.  They represent the best of what Northwest University and the Church has to offer…and they do it well.  They are gifted, they are equipped, and I cannot wait to hear about all of the things God will be doing through their ministry in years to come.

Congratulations, Kenny, and Godspeed!


2 comments on “Awards Deserved

  1. Viletta says:

    I’m so blessed by this, Dr. Ziefle! Thanks for your kind words. Kenny is truly a blessing to our family, and we are proud to call him our son-in-law.

    I’ll be sharing this link on my Facebook page. =)

  2. rebecca priest says:

    Kenny we are both very proud of you! looking foreward to seeing you both in May. Love Mom and Dad

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