Back to School

After a long summer hiatus, I’m picking up the mantle again on this, the first day of classes for the 2012-2013 academic year.  Like all the students who came to Northwest University in August 2011 for their first college term , I am now entering my sophomore year at the institution.  Everyone will tell you, of course, that sophomore means “wise fool,” an appellation I’m sure that I’ll earn at least once this semester.

Despite the changing business of education, its rising costs, and the inevitability of growth in the field of online education, I am glad to have a position at a traditional residential liberal arts institution.  There’s richness to be had here for students open to learn–both in the classroom and the many social spheres they will come to inhabit.

I’m watching some of them walk to their first 8am classes right now.  I’m a little jealous of all that’s ahead of them.

Education, despite the transactional model that continues to develop more and more in the collegiate world, is about much more than the accumulation of facts…more than simply checking off all of the boxes.  It is about becoming a new person.

Though admittedly cliched, I believe what I’m saying.  The difficult thing is, of course, that as their professor I’M the one at least partially responsible for helping all of this to happen.  And so, by grace of God, here’s Year II.

P.S.  Now that I’m back to posting regularly, stay tuned for discussions of faith, history, ministry, theology, and a little something called “Election 2012.”  See you tomorrow.


3 comments on “Back to School

  1. Tyler Schaefer says:

    Day one. Year 2. You got this…. as long as you are still rocking the bow tie today!

  2. Viletta Knight says:

    I’m sure you’ll have a great ‘sophomore’ year. I know our daughter’s excited about her senior year. NU has been a good place for her these past three years. While online courses have their place, there is nothing like the community built by meeting face-to-face with others.

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