Alea Iacta Est

On this day that comes only once every four years, I encourage you to vote.  Vote because it is our right.  Vote because it is our privilege.  Vote because, unlike so many in our world and throughout all of recorded time, the vast majority of us have been given–wisely or not–a real stake in the kind of world we want to live in.

As you vote for the office of President of the United States, consider the momentous duty that awaits this person for the next four years.  Consider their political positions in light of your own personal, economic, and social stands.  Take stock for one last time who you really think has what it takes to lead our nation in this next little while.  There are momentous questions to be addressed here at home as the experiment of democracy continues on its 236 year journey and beyond.  No less defining matters await us abroad…and history will be affected by the choices we together make.

I’ve been pretty sure of my vote for some time now.  The man I’ve chosen is not perfect.  Far from it.  But he is my choice to lead our nation.  I know others will disagree with my feelings in this matter, and that is quite alright. I’m not convinced, as so many seem to be, that his opponent is some kind of malevolent creature.  Far from it.  While I prefer my candidate, I will readily accept the alternative should the will of the people deign a different result from the one I desire.  Both candidates are capable men and have the potential and ability to lead us forward.

In this “City of Man,” as St. Augustine might call it, there are a certain set of principles by which we live.  Ground rules by which human society operates.  An election such as this one is part and parcel of this system.  As a means of selecting our leaders, I’m rather in favor of it.  Yet all the same it ought to serve as a “reality check” to know that despite the changes these electoral choices can bring, our final hope does not lie simply within these bounds or this horizon.  It is at once humbling and reassuring to know that everything isn’t up to us.

In ultimate matters, we must look far beyond: to the City of God.  For no matter the highest hopes we place in our elected officials and the good they can indeed effect, our truest need can never ultimately find its home in them.

“The Heavenly City outshines Rome, beyond comparison. There, instead of victory, is truth; instead of high rank, holiness; instead of peace, felicity; instead of life, eternity…”

-St. Augustine, City of God

Remember this, even as we together work for the best “City of Man” we can…and VOTE.


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