A Child’s Treasury of Links

238068A busy day awaits, so in lieu of a full post, some fun links to occupy your time.  Enjoy the excitement!

1.  A site selling classy and artistically rendered prints based on 1960s Star Trek episodes.  Did I buy any?  I’ll never tell.ST_EP_28_QMX

2.  In addition to all the other bacon-flavored products out there, apparently there’s even bacon syrup.  This would make for fascinating (and disgusting) soda!

3.  No two snowflakes may look alike, but apparently they can be awfully similar!  Take a look at this collection of strangers that look like twins.  (P.S.  I think they’re mostly French-Canadians, which may have something to do with it.)

4.  Lastly, a recent study shows that 25% of Americans believe that God influences who wins at sports.

Until tomorrow, then, adieu!


3 comments on “A Child’s Treasury of Links

  1. wcosnett says:

    First, I have that book. It’s great.

    Second, I’m not sure children would find any of these links particularly intriguing.

  2. Viletta says:

    Perhaps, those who are a “child at heart” might find them interesting. I’m quite surprised at the things that interest our 26 year old son. And I still don’t understand grown men’s fascination with video games. =)

  3. Doris Ziefle says:

    Ahh… but wcosnett… you should ask the mother of this blogger about what “certain” eccentric children have found to be intriguing at a very young age ~! I have never ceased to be surprised…

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