The Life of the College Professor

movie-critic-kid-01Another busy day today, I’m afraid.  Committee work, teaching, grading, a faculty meeting, and all the other sorts of things that occupy a professor’s time.  Plus: tonight I’ve been invited by some of the students to be a judge for the student Film Festival.  she-needs-to-sort-out-her-priorities-professor-mcgonagall-32750137-500-560

I assume the “films” will be on the order of short videos, and I of course have no real experience with the technical aspects of such undertaking, but I look forward to it.  When time does allow, one of the exciting things about being a college professor is simply getting to know one’s students.  They come in all kinds, surely…but if I didn’t like them, I would wonder why I got into this in the first place!

Depending on how it all transpires, I’ll report back tomorrow on the results of the cinematic experiences I’m about to undergo.  Let me know if you have any pointers…


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