Youth Culture 101

2012CultureCloudI’m off to Yakima, Washington today for the Northwest Ministry Network’s annual Youth Summit.  Youth ministers and leaders from around Washington and Northern Idaho are gathering for fellowship and enrichment as they continue to the important work of ministry with adolescents.

I’ll be leading a small “break-out” session during the meetings.  My topic: youth culture.

Much of what I’ll be saying derives from a new class I’m working through this semester entitled “Studies in Youth Culture.”  You’ll likely be hearing more about it in coming weeks.  For now, though, just a brief list of some of the principles for studying youth culture that I’ll recommend:

I.          Observe carefully.

II.        Be humble and realistic.

III.       Withhold judgment.

IV.       Beware of the “tyranny of the visible.”

V.        Consider all factors, ecologies, and vantage points.

VI.       Beware the “back in my day” approach.

VII.     Ask: What does this tell you about the student(s) and their context?

VIII.    Ask: What does this tell you about humanity?

IX.       Ask: How does God/Scripture see this?

X.        Reflect on how culture(s) affect those involved.

XI.       Think/pray/meditate/consider first, act later.

fig,eggplant,womens,ffffffThat’s all for today, and for this week.  Let me know what you think.  Spring Break begins this weekend, so I’ll be taking a hiatus until Monday 18 March.


One comment on “Youth Culture 101

  1. Mary Jo Sutton says:

    Having parented two adopted teens, your outline looks dead on! I’m sure your presentation will be enriching and informative. You have wisdom and youth on your side – a perfect combo to present on this topic.

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