Things I Would Like To See, Part II

ImageFor the second entry in my weekly series “Things I Would Like To See,” let me introduce you to an idea I’ve had for many years: the reverse microwave.

I’ve long been amazed with the little metal box most of us have in our kitchens that can boil water in about 2 minutes flat.  Microwaves still seem like futuristic sci-fi devices to me, and they’ve been around for decades. Seriously.  They’re like magic.

How exciting would it be, then, if we could have a similar device that would quickly cool drinks or make ice cubes in just a few brief minutes?  This would be a big time saver, in addition to potentially saving energy by not having to constantly refrigerate sealed beverages or trays of ice.

People have criticized me for this idea, telling me that what I’m talking about has already been invented and called “the refrigerator.”  I think not.  What I’m talking about here is a device that quickly and effortless will make ice or cool food/beverages as conveniently as a Imagetraditional microwave heats them.  It might not use invisible energy waves (or magic, as I sometimes suspects it does), but would functionally have the same kind of place in our kitchens.

A little Google search yesterday encouraged me, as I found out that in Europe they are currently testing a device made for quickly cooling canned and bottled beverages to 41 degrees F in 45 seconds.  They are hopeful about its utility and energy-saving potential.  This is terrific.  If they can only a add near-instantaneous icemaking feature and put it all in an appliance-sized box, I’ll be a happy man.  Because, well, it’s one of the things I would like to see.


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