Things I Would Like To See (Part VII)

022712_1423_RentaTARDIS1Today’s entry rather tersely completes what has become a pop-culturey few days for me.  Just one of those weeks, I suppose.

What I’d like to see?  A television show with stories about swashbuckling adventure, time and space, memorable characters, and even occasional moments of insight.  Stories that began five decades ago and have been continued even today.  Science fiction that has a heart, but doesn’t always take itself too seriously.

I would like to see a main character who changes yet remains the same, silently reminding us of the many unique aspects and eras of our own existence.  Whose journeys are as unique as they are often deeply personal.  A mad, loving, lonely

I’d like to see a television show that is probably even more popular now than it was its former heyday, whose praises are sung not only from the halls of nerd-dom but in mainstream circles as well.  It’d just be a lot of nonsense–I know–but it would be glorious fun all the same.

I’d like to see this and celebrate its 50th anniversary in style.  I think it would be great.  And, for once, I don’t just have to hope.  Because tomorrow?  The thing I’d like to see–exactly 50 years after its original premiere–will finally be here.



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