Year in Review: 2013

joshToday is the last day of regular classes here at Northwest University, and with it comes the end of my blogging year.  I’ll be back again in January on a regular basis, but until then, here’s my ten most popular blog posts of 2013.  Thanks for reading and commenting this past year!

10.  “A Pentecostal Tension“: Concerning the prosperity gospel.

9.  “No Country for Old Men“: A pope’s resignation.

8.  “The Pentecostal as Mystic“: Reading the Bible with the Holy Spirit.

7.  “Union with God in the Everyday“: Christian living and the Spirit of God.

6.  “The Life of the College Professor“: A brief aside on serving as a happy-2013-wishes-from-2ndskiesforexjudge for a student film competition.

5.  “Concerning Megan Fox and the Holy Spirit“: Any ideas why this one was so popular?

4.  “It’s Your Funeral“: Thoughts on a theology of marriage.

3.  “The Idolatry of Family“: Can you love them too much?

2.  “Strange Fire is God’s Fire“: Contra John Piper

and my top post of the year (by far)…..

1.  “Paying the Piper“: Thinking through the controversy over Pastor Steven Furtick’s expensive house.


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