Things I Would Like To See (Part XI)

eagles-snow-game-picFootball: an American pastime.  Though I have some serious qualms and doubts about it for a couple of reasons, there is no denying the current place it holds in our society.

I live right outside of Seattle.  Trust me on this one.

So if we’re going to keep playing football, here then is what I’d like to see: a Super Bowl in the snow.  A blizzard, preferably.

To me this makes sense.  The game is, after all, played in early February.  Football is very much a cold weather sport.  And we’ve all seen snow games before.  Indeed, some of the most interesting NFL contests have, Super-Bowl-2014-Seahawks-vs-Broncosto my mind, been played in the snow.  Plus: the effect of heavy snowfall during the event could slow things down and make gameplay safer.  Imagine that.

Sadly, it seems as if there’ll be no snow this year during the game.  But holding the Super Bowl in New York/New Jersey was a good first step.  Now let’s follow through to the logical conclusion of this and have it in Green Bay.  Because THAT’S one of the things I’d like to see.


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