Super Bowl Thoughts

boeing-painted-a-new-747-in-seahawks-colors-to-root-on-seattle-in-the-super-bowlThe “big game” has come and gone.  In the wake of last night’s truly American experience, a few thoughts:

  1. Seattle: It was quite an exciting experience for me to watch the game at a party full of enthusiastic Seahawks fans.  As you can imagine, they had a blast watching their team demolish the Broncos.  The fandom here in the Pacific Northwest has been nothing short of pandemonium these past few weeks…and though I purposed in my heart not to be a bandwagon jumper, this game sorely tempted me to betray my loyalties.
  2. Denver: I cannot help but feel bad for Peyton Manning.  Here ysuper-bowl-xlviii-safety-seattle-seahawks-1.jpg w=600&h=425ou have the greatest offense in the history of the NFL with a veteran quarterback–and a bit of a comeback story–at the helm.  They were facing the league’s best defense in what, on paper, was sure to be an exciting and engaging matchup.  So much for that.  It seemed as if the whole Broncos team simply could do nothing right.  They were, for the most part, bizarrely bad.  This is not the game for which football fans had hoped.
  3. Bruno Mars:  Say what you what about the content of his lyrics, but admit all the same that this was one entertaining performance.  A live band, fun songsbruno-mars-superbowl-650-430, retro dancing and outfits–Mars had it all.  As he had a blast on stage, so too did we at home.  His brief minutes in the spotlight were just about everything a Super Bowl halftime show ought to be.  It still makes me get up and want to dance.  The Red Hot Chili Peppers, by comparison, made me feel awkward and embarrassed.  Sometimes you’re just too old for…whatever it was they were doing.  The fact that Bruno Mars was so good only made their awkward shirtless antics more unfortunate.
  4. Commercials:  Plenty of websites are rating and reviewing commercials today, but I’ll simply say this: as opposed to what I’ve seen in the past, this year’s slate of ads was much less sexually titillating and provocative.  To be sure, Scarlett Johansson and John Stamos did turn the heat up a bit, but even then we were miles away from some of the unfortunate antics of years past.  Even GoDaddy managed to avoid the Screen_Shot_2014-02-02_at_7.26.04_PM_large_verge_medium_landscapeobligatory provocative pandering it had been up to for the past years.  Especially when it comes to the exploitation, oversexualization, and fetishization of the female members of our society, this is a good step in the right direction.  I had fully expected to be writing a somewhat different post on the topic this week and am glad to have been surprised.
  5. U2: As advertised in one of the commercials last night, they’ve got a new song out.  While I don’t think it is their best, it does augur a few changes.  Let’s see what they can do with a new album this year.

One comment on “Super Bowl Thoughts

  1. Andy Wong says:

    I quite like Invisible, especially if it is a herald of things to come.

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