A Return to Form

capaldiWith the beginning of the academic year here at Northwest University, I once again return to my traditional habit of reflection via blog.  It is something I have attempted to make a regularity during the months in which I teach.  During the fall semester, this has been a fairly firm practice; in the spring semester, things have tended to be a bit dicier.

It has been more than six months since I last sat to write an entry, and what a six months it has been.  Though the world remains the same broken place it has always been, the passage of time that has marked the immediate past year has, for me at least, been particularly troubling. 

A missing passenger plane.  Russian incursion and meddling in the Ukraine.  Another plane shot down.  Open warfare between Israel and Hamas.  Race riots and police actions in Ferguson.  ISIS running rampant through Iraq and parts of Syria.  The public beheading of a journalist.  The emerging narrative of a potentially moribund presidency.  The suicide of one of our nation’s most beloved comic actors.

There’s likely more I’m not recalling at the moment.  More to alternately sadden and concern us.  I realize that all of this makes me a bit of a bad news harbinger, and I’m sorry about that. There is good in the world–in ways both big and small–and I do believe that God is in sovereign.  It is simply that there has been so much…else going on this past half year.

And so, as I turn in the coming days and weeks to reflect upon, pray, and work through such issues (and much more) I hope that you’ll join me in this journey.  We may not always agree.  We may not see things from the same perspective.  But let’s do walk through this life with our eyes open, minds working, and hands ready, prepared to be not just fellow travelers but active citizens in a world on fire.


2 comments on “A Return to Form

  1. Suzanne Wilen says:

    Look forward to seeing what insight and wisdom fellow travelers have to say. As far as the world on fire God’s word says that as we see the day approaching encourage one another; Jesus is coming soon!

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