Things I Would Like To See (Part XI)

51j-YkbyY3L._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Secret rooms.  Oh yes: secret rooms. 

Perhaps I watched too much Scooby-Doo or read too many Hardy Boys books as a child, but I have to confess that I’m rather entranced by the idea of having a hidden or secret room inside of my house.  You know the kind I mean: a chamber behind a bookcase, a den under the stairs, a secret bathroom hidden behind a full-length mirror.  Having something like this sounds pretty exciting to me, and I would love to live in a house–or have a house built–with a feature like this.secret-rooms-17

There would be advantages, of course.  High resale value (to just the right buyer).  The ultimate in privacy.  A place to store your valuables.  The hidden fun knowing that you live in a house with a secret room but never telling anyone about it.  And, for a relative claustrophile like me, an enclosed space to call my own.

Hidden-Door1_729-420x0I wouldn’t be interested in the space as a “panic room” or fallout shelter/zombie redoubt per se, but it certainly could function that way.  Versatile.

If–like me–you are interested in experiencing a house with a secret room and/or taking up residence in one yourself, you are in luck.  The Internet seems chock-full of them.  Take a look here and here.  And if you’re ready to take the plunge, there’s a company called Creative Home Engineering who will actually install one of these things for you.  Amazing.  Terrific.  And just another of the things I’d like to see.



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