Things I Would Like To See (Part XII)

imagesIn a unique twist, today’s thing already exists.  I just don’t think it exists enough.

<–Basically, I’d like to see more of these.  They were my favorite toy as a child and they’re called “Omagles.”  We never called them that, however.  We never actually called them anything at all.  But they were great.2f6889c7eae53dfa325ed017f0b545ba

I mean, look at these things.  They’re just a bunch of hard plastic yellow pipes with elbow connectors and assorted accessories.  There are suggested designs, of course.  But like Legos, there are innumerable objects that children can build with them.  Forts.  Towers.  Houses.  Swords.  Shields.  Cars.  Bridges.  Ladders.  Platforms.  Doorways.  The only limit is the imagination.  They are the ultimate in multi-use fun.  And, considering how long of a season two young boys (who were fairly rough with their stuff) managed to make use of them, they are pretty sturdy as well.

Are they safe?  Well,  not entirely.  Towers can get too tall and that plastic is pretty hard.  Like our 100_1383cavemen ancestors using basic implements, these toys can be used as the building blocks for something great.  Or weapons.  My brother and I did definitely did both…and it was amazing.101_0929

I think these toys in particular are great for children and provide some excellent possibilities for creativity and kinesthetic learning.  They can fill so many functions that they’re well worth the price (and hey, if enough people get into this, maybe mass production will bring down the price substantially).

I know I sound as if I’m getting a kickback from the company here, but I’m not.  I just really think that a set of these belong in as many homes as possible.  Trust me, parents: the next generation of thinkers, dreamers, and engineers will thank you for it.  Just watch out for those ten-foot towers and ad hoc sword fights.

Yellow plastic pipes called Omagles for every child.  That’s just one of the things I’d like to see.


One comment on “Things I Would Like To See (Part XII)

  1. Amanda says:

    I think I played with my next door neighbor and his set one time. If I remember right, we made a cart that we could ride in. I remember the bottom falling out of it while I was riding in it. Ouch.

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