Things I Would Like To See (Part XIII)

x-files-believeEarlier this week the news broke that a beloved cult TV hit was returning after a 25-year hiatus.  Twin Peaks will be coming back in 2016.  Rather than a reboot, this “third season” will be a continuation of the original show.

The occasion of the announcement reminded me that I’ll need to actually finish the old series (I only got so far watching it online before I decided to turn my attention to other things).  It also made me wish for something I really miss: The X-Files.

For a period in the 1990s, the show was not only one of my favorites, but widely known and popular as well.  Midway through its run it sparked an ambitious movie, and the show’s conspiracy-laden plot intrigued many.  While the eventual resolution of said conspiracy left a little to be desired and the show ended up hanging around for a few seasons too long, I will say this: when it was good, it was good.  Smart, slick, and built around the unique relationship between FBI Agents Mulder and Scully, The X-Files was truly “appointment television.”

The series ended on a relative down note in 2002.  While there was a somewhat forgettable film made some years later, other than telling us that the dynamic duo were still around and had apparently gotten together romantically, it didn’t let us know as much about their continuing story as we might like.  In the unknown are possibilities.  Of course, I’m not suggesting a full, 90s-style season of 24 episodes.  Instead, let’s kick it up to our friends on cable for consideration.  Drama has done well there in recent years and could be just the place for a show of its tone.  Perhaps AMC, which will beTHE X FILES SEASON PREMIERE looking for something to fill the time slot soon to be left open by Mad Men?  Something like a season of 10 or 12 well-crafted episodes?

A chance to rekindle some of the old magic would be interesting to see with a show like The X-Files.  Yes, it might end up seeming dated or out of step, but I’d definitely like the-powers-that-be to give it some thought.  And even though we’re deep in the age of the full reboot, it would be nice to have some familiar faces inhabiting or at least kicking off a story that would take us somewhere new.

The X-Files was once great.  Considering all the water under the bridge–especially the apparent change in the Mulder/Scully dynamic–it might very well be unable to get there ever again.  But I’d still be willing to have them try.

A revived, top-quality X-Files?  That’s just one of the things I’d like to see.


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