Back to the Future

backAfter an extended hiatus, I’ve decided the time has come to return to regular online reflection.  With it comes a bit of a site redesign (take a look) as well as a statement of purpose moving forward–what I’m interested in talking about, in other words.

I first began this blog in connection with the start of my time as a full-time professor, and have maintained it as such in the four years since.  A kind of corollary to my life, work, and thought, it has been a way for me to work through topics I’m interested in thinking about, tackle issues that I should be thinking about, and address matters upon which I feel I must comment.  Some of these include:

  • History: My first academic love, so to speak.  Book reviews, teaching methods, key topics/themes, present-day connections, and other reflections are part of what I’m after here.
  • Youth Ministry: What I’ve been primarily teaching at Northwest University and lived for six years before that as a minister.  Literature surveys, practical theology, amateur sociology, pastoral moments and more are the name of the game here.
  • Politics: A hobby, if you will.  There are no shortage of ways to analyze the ways in which our world works…or doesn’t.
  • Theology/Bible: Once a seminary student, always a seminary student.  Often this category will merge into others, and at times can be quite personal.
  • Current Issues: War, peace, culture, and more.  Commenting from time to time on the topics of the day, which may mean taking a stand with which others disagree.
  • Pop Culture and Personal Interest: Science fiction, movies, whatever I happen to be thinking about.  For some it is probably the best part of what I do here.  For others?  Well, they might enjoy other days better.

I hope that you’ll read along this Fall and beyond.  While the personal discipline of continued reflection is important in any writers-desk-2case, knowing that others are reading motivates me to write…and engaging with your responses helps refine what I’m thinking.  The ability for others to read and comment almost instantaneously distinguishes these efforts from some kind of personal “thought diary,” in the process pushing me towards deeper engagement.  To that end I look forward to hearing from you and thinking with you in the days, weeks and months to come.

Talk to you soon!


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