Things I’m Going To See

I_Want_to_BelieveIn a previous (and potentially ongoing) series of posts, I spent time discussing what I called “Things I’d Like To See.”  This was (and is) a set of entries consisting of my own hopes and dreams.  Sometimes they are more weighty in nature and reflection.  Sometimes, well, they’re not.  With regard to the latter, I tended to offer things like this: A new Star Trek series.  A reverse microwave.  This kind are semi-serious and mostly for fun.  You get the picture.

Imagine my delight, then, when one of my flights of fancy is now coming true.  This January, after nearly 13 years off of the air, The X-Files is returning to television.  Granted, this is more of a six-episode “event,” but I nevertheless look forward to checking in with my friends Mulder and Scully to see what they’re up to.

A trailer (I’ve updated to a different one on 10/1) for the series has been released, and it seems some of the old crew are back together:

Exciting.  I know.  As I reflected on my hopes for a revived series last October, I said the following:

A chance to rekindle some of the old magic would be interesting to see with a show like The X-Files.  Yes, it might end up seeming dated or out of step, but I’d definitely like the-powers-that-be to give it some thought.  And even though we’re deep in the age of the full reboot, it would be nice to have some familiar faces inhabiting or at least kicking off a story that would take us somewhere new.

I don’t know what the plans are for The X-Files beyond the January episodes, but I do hope they augur something exciting.  I’m ready for a return to the world of conspiracies with our intrepid agents.  I daresay the tenor of the times may be as well.

And hey, since this “thing I’d like to see” came true, who knows what’s next?  Before too long we might all have reverse microwaves in our kitchens.


One comment on “Things I’m Going To See

  1. wcosnett says:

    Honestly, as nice as it would be to have a recurring series, I’m a little more hopeful about a miniseries type event. It allows them to have tight well planned story arc and frees them from the pressure of keeping ratings and interest up from episode one. I think a lot of recent shows have benefitted from this. 24 immediately comes to mind with it’s recent “half season”. And if it works and is really popular, there’s no reason why they can’t have another 6, 8 or even ten episdoe event every couple of months.

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