Another Of The Things I’m Going to See

As you may recall, last week I mentioned both the upcoming return on of The X-Files and how I had called for such a development last year.  Somewhat tongue-in-cheek, I was feeling quite the prophet.

But now?  Well, now I’m wondering if the powers that be have been reading my work.  Take a look at this promo for an upcoming movie:

What does this have to do with what I’ve written on this blog?  Nothing, apparently.  I thought I had posted on here about a “Young Jesus” television series that I wanted to see.  After a little searching, however, nothing came up.  And then I thought: “I know where it is!”  And there, of course, it was: in my first blogging effort.  The entry is now over nine years old, but it is still there.  As discussed, the series

first focuses on Jesus, but neither the Christmas “baby version” nor the fully grown prophetic model of the gospels. Rather, it seeks to fill in the “in-between” time…you guessed it—Jesus’ teenage years. The way I see things, it would be a great option for the WB Network to pick up. It could be called “Nazareth” and follow the same model as so many other coming-of-age teen dramas.

Granted, what I proposed there is somewhat different from what we’ll be seeing in the film, both in Jesus’ age and media delivery model.  Nevertheless, I’ChristTheLordbookcover.jpg.300x468_q100m interested in the thought-filled possibilities this portrayal may provide. Perhaps, in the strange interpretational territory that Jesus’ youth provides, there exists an opportunity to reflect upon Him in a new way.  We will see.

As for me, I should clearly start selling my ideas to Hollywood.  That is, unless I’ve been taking them from someone else.  A little digging reveals that this film is based on Anne Rice’s novel Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt.  The book was published in 2005–the year before my initial blog post.  Though the trail of connections may be somewhat cold, her project probably influenced my musings.  But…since we don’t know completely, perhaps I could just take credit for it anyway?  I’ll let you decide that one.

That’s now two down, friends.  Let’s see what other things we’re going to see!


2 comments on “Another Of The Things I’m Going to See

  1. wcosnett says:

    Yes, this bear little resemblence to “The Young Jesus Chronicles”.

    I always have mixed feelings about biblical adaptations. On the plus side they allow us to experience and think about the Gospel in new ways. As much as Noah departed from scripture in it’s back half, it still was a catalyst for some thought provoking talk with others.

    The cons I feel are that many view these not as a substitute for scripture but as a replacement. There are some who will think that this is what is in the Bible, and this is what Christians believe. Even worse some will fell like paying $10 to see this is a substitute for actual worship or readintg actual scripture.

    The fundanmental story of scripture follows a different pattern than the modern movie forms, and usually it seems that rather than embrace and celebrate that difference the Gopel is crammed into an ill fitting story arc. Granted, I haven’t seen this movie yet and I will reserve final judgement until I do. Based on the trailer, however, it seems that rather then tell a more complex tale of a migrant family living as outsiders in Egypt trying to cope with the afermath of Christmas, instead we have the physical threat of a manufactured villain. Instead of being content with the theological tension of Jesus being left behind at the temple we instead have a Wild West showdown between the superbeing who is told to hide his powers and a soldier. Maybe it was just me, but I saw an echo of General Ross and Bruce Banner. At this point we aren’t just filling in the cracks of a period of time the Gospel is silent about, we are rewriting it to serve the needs of popular culture.

    Also, that Gospel of Thomas bird scene.

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